The concept of a Handfasting is said to have originated with the ancient Celtic
culture. With the peasant class, a Handfasting was often used because the
couple was not wealthy enough to require one nor did they need one as there
usually was no dowry to arrange for. Conversely with the nobility class, a
Handfasting was used almost like a modern day prenuptial agreement. The
Handfasting was used to signify the betrothal of the couple before the business
of the dowry and entitlement was worked out.

Today a Handfasting can be used in many similar and dissimilar ways. It can be
used to signify an engagement or betrothal. Laws being as they are today, a
Handfasting is an excellent way for a gay or lesbian couple to make their
commitment known. Additionally a Handfasting can be added to any wedding
ceremony, regardless of religion, as "tying the knot" is a universal wedding
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"I just received the handfasting
cord and words cannot express
how happy (we) are with it. It is
beautiful, thank you so much. Our
wedding will be all the more
special thanks to you.
Once again thank-you."
"Just wanted to let you know that
we received the cord and it is
beautiful!  We both like it very
much and especially like the
multi-colored cord that you
included in it, and the animal
charms.  It is very us and will be
wonderful for the wedding."
"I truly do want to thank you
again for your beautiful and fast
work. We were both thrilled with
the cord.... I am sure you bring
joy to many weddings! Your
craftsmanship is wonderful and
we love our cord!"
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Goddess, some even hypothesise
that the Earth is a living entity named
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